Just a very few short years ago the City of Elk Grove was little more than a tiny village surrounded by acres of grazing land for cattle. And as its name suggests, Elk Grove was home to elk and other wildlife. Common sights to drivers along Highway 99 as they headed north and south.

Nowadays it’s hard to tell where the City of Sacramento ends and Elk Grove begins. To be sure, you have to spot a small sign that tells drivers when they’ve let Sacramento and entered the fast-growing city of Elk Grove.

Everything has changed and in a big way. As to the wildlife, there are still plenty of turkeys to see along the pristine Wildlife Preserve between Franklin Blvd. and the Interstate Highway I-5. 

Please don’t feed the turkeys, but every year “Walk on the Wild Side” in May attracts many visitors who stroll about in this lush green area punctuated periodically by small ponds. This annual migratory bird celebration has become an Elk Grove Institution.

Old Town Elk Grove

Old Town was once the hub, a village where farmers could purchase seed and farm equipment. Old Town today maintains that pleasant aura of yesteryear with its original buildings that date back to the 1800s, Today, antique shops, and other small businesses occupy these same buildings.

There are a number of restaurants along the way, such as Palermo Ristorante with a great lineup of Italian cuisine, or Happy Garden, a Chinese restaurant with a full bar separate from the dining room.

Across the street, the Elk Grove Regional Park hosts flea markets and open-air farmers markets.

There’s an Easter egg hunt followed by a July 4th celebration. The Giant Pumpkin Festival comes around in October and the park is often reserved for other activities and shows year-round.

Old Town of Elk Grove, California | Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Elk Grove Blvd.

All along Elk Grove Blvd. you’ll find every sort of fast food, from seafood to tacos, and everything in-between. A Dutch Bros. coffee kiosk recently opened among the already existing coffee shops, and Mexican dining rooms, such as Alicia’s and El Jardín are a common sight.

  • An open shopping market includes Walmart as well as many other businesses and shops, just off Highway 99 and Elk Grove Blvd. Everything from restaurants to professional business offices such as insurance and dental offices.

A giant Auto Complex just across Elk Grove Blvd. from the Walmart Center is bursting with new and used car dealers. Just about every make and model is there.

This vibrant city has exploded in recent years. New housing has never stopped and clean boulevards are lined with trees. An excellent police department serves this peaceful living area in Elk Grove.

Not only can Elk Grove honestly boast that this a great place to live and raise a family, but the city also is home to more restaurants and cafés than most cities of this size. Banks, Grocery stores as well as new shopping areas have sprung up all over and only recently have Costco and Home Depot opened new locations.

Over in West/Central Elk Grove, an Aquatics Center is opening in 2019. The center includes a Senior Center and a Veteran’s Hall along with other popular facilities. And that’s not all! This area is home to the Bartholomew Sports Park with its baseball fields and soccer fields where it sponsors tournaments.

Delta Shores

Delta Shores is a new and exciting shopping complex just off Highway I-5 and brimming with new businesses such as Panera, an Imax theater, and many other shops with a Sonic Burger coming soon. A pleasant open area and well worth checking out.

A number of man-made lakes scattered throughout the area allow many homeowners to enjoy the pleasure of keeping a small boat moored in your back yard. No loud motorboats!

And for the duffer in the family, there’s a golfing facility waiting just for you!

Laguna Blvd.

Laguna Blvd. is another great thoroughfare connecting Interstate 5 to Old Highway 99. Along Laguna, there are really too many dining establishments to list here.

Chicago Fire Pizza, the Outback, Bamboo Kitchen, The Old Spaghetti Factory, Chili’s, Red Robin, Mongolian Barbecue, Macaroni Grill, BJ’s Brewhouse, Mimi’s along with ice cream parlors and fast food outlets to name a few. You can find hamburgers and tacos at every turn and just east of 99 Chick-Fil-A, In-N-Out, Chuck E. Cheese, IHOP, and Chevy’s are only some with among many others to choose from.

Kobe Grill and Sushi at 99 and Laguna brings color to Elk Grove with classy chefs cooking up tableside Japanese dining.

Elk Grove has a lot more than just dining. For that gardener in the family, Green Acres just off Laguna and 99 has it all.

Laguna also features open shopping on both sides of the boulevard. Target and other great shopping experiences are available. You’ll find whatever you need from eyeglasses to dentists along with everything you’d expect in a larger city.

Imagine Play and Pony Ranch are two great ideas for the little ones in the family.

All round and within an easy drive, you’ll find activities and entertainment for everyone in the family.

Elk Grove has excitement too.

Surf Xtreme – What a great idea! Indoor surfboarding and in between, there’s paintball too. And for the kids too small to surf, the trampolines await.

Exit Strategy – You’re gonna need to figure out a strategy here. Good spy or bad spy, you find yourself inside a locked room. The tools for your escape are there — you just have to find a way to use them to come up with your exit strategy.

If you’ve had enough excitement there are quiet walking trails too.

Elk Grove offers two great walking trails. Laguna Creek Trail is a peaceful stroll along the creek where you can see the beaver dams and other gentle wildlife. Good for walking the dog and biking too.

Elk Grove Trail  – This is an easy walking trail where you can enjoy the sunshine, watch a variety of birds, wild turkeys, and beavers at work. Very pleasant.

A little farther away:

Denio’s Flea Market 916-782-2704. This giant and storied flea market is open weekends and features everything from fresh produce, dining. New and antique bargains. Granite kitchen installations and other services. You never know what you’ll find at Denio’s.

Galt Flea Market 209-366-7160. This market has a great, but smaller flea markets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Plenty of food to eat, produce to take home and a potpourri of goodies, both new and old.

The Arden Fair Shopping Mall is always filled with great offerings in every area from clothing to jewelry to dining and more. And surrounding this Sacramento landmark are restaurants just lined up to serve you.

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Things to Do in and Around Elk Grove, California
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Things to Do in and Around Elk Grove, California
Nowadays it’s hard to tell where the City of Sacramento ends and Elk Grove begins. To be sure, you have to spot a small sign that tells drivers when they've let Sacramento and entered the fast-growing city of Elk Grove.
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